[info]undiscoverme wrote
on January 20th, 2008 at 07:59 am

I touch myself ...

I. [info]kinkfest is a go! Prompt lists will be open for claiming tonight.

II. Is it not sad that I have to make myself weekly reminders now in order to prepare for a Con taking place in 2009? Muskrat Jamboree 2009 FTW! I'm so lame.

III. I've popped my Sweet Charity cherry and bid for my very own ho. Um yes ...

IV. I've got a secret to share with you. I'm not too ashamed to say that I love Harlequin-style long fic. I devoured almost everything posted to the [info]sga_harlequin and [info]spn_harlequin communities. I think it may be one of my bulletproof kinks along with rent-boy fic and mpreg (now that last one I'm a wee bit ashamed of). OMG! *hides face* I wet myself with glee when [info]femmequixotic posted an excerpt from an unfinished Pete/Patrick mpreg. *peeks between fingers* Um don't leave me hanging. Please shareeeeeeeee your guilty pleasures with me.

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