The Fandom Hot Twenty! There are three polls in total. Just scroll down and you'll see the link that'll send you to the next poll.


Renji! Emma Peel! Ronon!! Kara!!

[info]lady_ganesh, where are you when I need you?

It was so hard, y'all. So very hard, but I narrowed them down to 20. Sorry Spike, Angel and Bruce Wayne and Captain Mal... *face palms*

OK, but seriously I want to do a HOT TOP 40 with manga, game, and anime characters only. Seriously! Tsuzuki. Asami. Tatsumi. Hawkeye. Lust. Yonekuni. Vincent Valentine. Iruka. Ahhhhh!

Please admire the hotness: Heero/Duo sketch - First Love by the fabu [info]ponderosa121


I almost used up all my votes on Poll #1. We should have been able to choose 20 per poll, that was too hard and I ended up going
I think I did too, E. OMG! I had to pick Lex and Kara and Emma Peel. I don't even think I picked Dean. Ack! I got Sam, Ronon, Zoe... *tries to remember*
OMG Emma Peel, I love her, and I didn't see that one. I totally skipped Ronon and chose Tyr, but I think I was over by that
Alas, the post is locked, but yay art!